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10 Reasons Guerra Plastic Surgery Uses the Keller Funnel Technique

10 Reasons Guerra Plastic Surgery Uses the Keller Funnel Technique

Breast augmentation surgery is safer and more efficient than ever thanks to Dr. Kevin M. Keller, the plastic surgeon who invented the Keller Funnel in 2009. The Keller Funnel is a soft, cone-shaped device that resembles a baker's piping bag. Its tip has a narrow opening, but instead of extruding frosting, it allows a surgeon to transfer an implant with precision, ease, and minimal physical contact. A slippery substance coats the funnel's internal layer, allowing the implant to slide into position within the breast pocket.

Choosing a plastic surgeon who uses the Keller Funnel, like Dr. Aldo Guerra or Dr. Scott Ogley, improves the safety and outcome of your procedure. And while the Keller Funnel is not the sole method for implant placement, its multiple advantages make it the preferred option for many patients and surgeons.

Benefits of Using the Keller FunnelĀ®

Guerra Plastic Surgery Center, one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Phoenix, AZ, uses the Keller Funnel for the following reasons:

1. FDA-Approved Class 1 Prosthesis
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Keller Funnel to assist our board-certified plastic surgeon in inserting silicone gel implants into the breast pocket. If not for this device, he would need to use his fingers (digital insertion method) to place implants, which can take more time and increase the risk of infection. The Keller Funnel achieves the opposite; it cuts down procedure times, prevents infections, and expedites recovery.

2. Faster Procedure
Via digital insertion, a surgeon needs approximately ten minutes to manipulate a silicone breast implant into place. The Keller Funnel can convert those minutes into mere seconds.

3. Smaller Incisions
This implant delivery device allows Dr. Guerra and Dr. Ogley to make smaller surgical incisions, which reduces postoperative scarring and minimizes trauma to surrounding tissues. Patients also benefit from shorter healing periods and improved cosmetic outcomes.

4. Decreased Risk of Infection
This technique's no-touch sterile approach minimizes the risk of contaminating the implant shell and causing infections.

5. Lowered Risk of Capsular Contracture
A 2018 retrospective study demonstrated that using a Keller Funnel reduces the occurrence of capsular contracture, a painful complication wherein fibrous scar tissue forms around an implant.
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6. Less Stress on the Implant Shell
The Keller Funnel's hydrophilic coating helps the surgeon limit the amount of force exerted when placing and positioning an implant. Unlike digital insertion, this technique diminishes the overall risk of rupturing, which would require another round of surgery to address.

7. Symmetrical Results
Incorrect implant placement can lead to uneven-looking breasts. Symmastia (uniboob) may also occur, where there is little or no cleavage between the breasts. The Keller Funnel ascertains symmetry by helping the doctors gently and accurately position each implant.

8. Faster Healing
Based on the above advantages, it's safe to say that this cutting-edge surgical device speeds up recovery. In particular, it supports healing through the following:

  • Minimal trauma: Reduced incision lengths mean less trauma to the surrounding tissues during implant insertion. Minimal trauma equates to reduced postoperative discomfort and quicker healing.

  • Reduced scarring: Shorter incisions also result in less conspicuous, quick-healing scars.

  • Gentle implant placement: The funnel's slippery, lubricated delivery system ensures the implant glides smoothly into the desired position. This gentleness minimizes the risk of tissue damage and implant rupturing, which are associated with prolonged recovery times.

  • "No touch" breast augmentation: The Keller Funnel minimizes or eliminates any contact between the surgeons' hands and the implant. It protects against infections and extended healing periods.

9. Longer-lasting breast implants
In essence, the Keller Funnel's role in minimizing surgical trauma, scar tissue formation, and ensuring precise implant positioning indirectly contributes to longer-lasting breast implants. Enhancing the initial surgical process promotes implant longevity and, subsequently, patient satisfaction.

10. Unites Most Plastic Surgeons
According to an opinion poll sponsored by Keller Medical, an overwhelming 95% of practitioners agreed that the Keller Funnel dramatically improves the process of inserting silicone gel implants into the breast pocket.
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Thanks to the Keller Funnel, breast augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ, has become safer than ever. Arizonans can now undergo this transformative procedure with confidence, knowing that their well-being is prioritized through an innovative technique that minimizes risks and maximizes results.

We Love the Keller Funnel at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center

Are you considering breast augmentation with silicone implants? Choosing the right surgeon is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome, and Dr. Aldo Guerra and Dr. Scott Ogley stands out as premier choices for your plastic surgery needs.
Here's why a consultation with them are a step in the right direction for your breast augmentation journey:

  • Arizona plastic surgeons near you: Both Dr. Aldo Guerra and Dr. Scott Ogley guarantee that you are in the hands of a professional with the highest level of training and expertise. They are some of the best plastic surgeons in Arizona.

  • Keller Funnel specialist: Dr. Guerra and Dr. Ogley have years of experience performing the Keller Funnel technique. With them as your breast surgeon, you can benefit from one of the most advanced and patient-friendly methods available today.

  • Personalized care: Guerra Plastic Surgery Center knows that every patient is unique. Your body type, desires, and aesthetic goals are carefully considered to map out a customized surgical plan that suits you best. Your satisfaction and safety are among his priorities.

  • Compassionate approach: The entire Guerra Plastic Surgery Center team focuses on patient comfort and care. You will find a supportive and empathetic environment at every stage of your journey, from the initial consultation to your postoperative follow-ups.

  • Proven results: Guerra Plastic Surgery Center, the top breast augmentation surgery center, has a track record of delivering outstanding breast augmentation results, as seen in his extensive photo gallery of satisfied patients.

This unparalleled combination of board-certified excellence, specialization in the Keller Funnel technique, personalized care, compassionate approach, and proven results ensure that you will receive the best possible care and enjoy long-lasting, beautiful breast implants.

Don't compromise when it comes to your health, safety, and aesthetic aspirations. Choose Guerra Plastic Surgery Center for your breast implant procedure and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make. Schedule your FREE consultation today to start your journey to enhanced looks and confidence with one of the most qualified surgeons in the field.


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