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Breast Augmentation Size

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Desired Outcome

Type 1

  • BAM size 1
  • I desire a gentle filling out of my breast in a way that is completely natural with no excess fullness in the upper pole of my breast. I understand that perhaps a bigger implant could potentially be used but my wishes are more for a conservative augmentation.

Type 2

  • BAM size 2
  • I would like the biggest implant that can be used without creating a breast which has an unnatural look, i.e. an excess rounded appearance in the upper pole of the breast. I do not want it to be obvious that I have had a breast augmentation.

Type 3

  • BAM size 3
  • I desire a large breast augmentation and do not mind if it has a mildly unnatural look, i.e. a noticeably rounded contour in the upper pole of the breast.

Type 4

  • BAM size 4
  • I want to use the biggest implant possible knowing that it will create a distorted unnatural look and it will be obvious that I have had a breast augmentation.

Communication is Key

Let Dr. Aldo know what size your looking for.

Dr. Aldo Guerra has stated that to be successful with breast augmentation you must fulfill, as best as possible, the patient’s desires and wishes. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Aldo has developed a flexible philosophy with regards to using different breast implant sizes and shapes. Achieving the optimal breast cup size is normally the most important goal for patients and we understand this fact. To accomplish this goal, Dr. Aldo requires strong patient input about the size they wish to achieve.

View before and after breast augmentation photos.

Actual Patient 1002164 before Actual Patient 1002164 after
Breast augmentation with 375cc MM+ MemoryShape® breast implants, actual patient.
actual patients photo
Dr. Aldo discussing breast implant size with actual patients.
Mentor Volume Sizing System to try on different sizes

Volume Sizing System to the Rescue

Try on different sizes in a flash.

Our philosophy includes guiding patients to explore reasonable options for breast implant size, usually two to three similar sizes, which allows the patient to visualize how different volumes affect their breast cup. The most accurate guide for a final breast implant size recommendation is derived using measurements from the patient's own breasts and chest. Once these measurements are considered then options for sizes can be presented. We employ the Mentor Volume Sizing System of breast sizers to demonstrate how these different volumes will look on a patient's body. This methods offers good reliability and is simple to use.

It is interesting to note many studies on breast implant outcomes have identified inappropriate size as a common reason to exchange breast implants after breast augmentation. In most situations, patients wish to increase their cup size while a lesser number wish to downsize the breast cup. We believe that with careful planning before surgery, most patients can avoid a second surgery to achieve the desired cup size.

We highly recommend a personal consultation with Dr. Aldo Guerra to determine your desired breast cup size.

Actual MemoryShape patient

Not Too Big, Not Too Small But Just Right

Dr. Aldo will help find the right size for you.

We Only Use Top Quality

The ONLY breast implants that are made in the USA.

Multiple breast implant options exist for our patients. All modern breast implants have a silicone shell on the outside. Silicone breast implants hold silicone gel within the shell. Saline filled breast implants hold medical grade salt water (saline) within the shell. Breast implants come in various shapes, sizes, and shell types.

Dr. Aldo ONLY uses Mentor® Breast Implants which have a superb reputation for the highest quality and are the only breast implants made in the United States.

Would you like breast implants devices that were made outside of the country in your body?

Teardrop MemoryShape® breast implants start at a size of 120cc and go up to 775cc. Round MemoryGel® breast implants start at a size of 120cc and go up to 800cc. Saline breast implants offer similar volumes, but may be overfilled for those who desire extremely large cups. At Guerra Plastic Surgery Center, we have available a broad range of breast implant types and shapes for patients to inspect at their consultation.

Mentor logo
Teardrop Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implant
Round Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants Lineup
Round Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants Patients
Actual round MemoryGel® breast implant patients.

Round Silicone Breast Implants

Choose from 4 types of MemoryGel® breast implants.

Currently, there are 4 available MemoryGel® breast implant configurations to choose from depending on your body shape and measurements. These shapes include from widest to narrowest, Moderate Classic, Moderate Plus, High Profile and Ultra High Profile. Depending on how much projection you want these implants will give you fuller, round breast augmenation look.

The breast size and shape will affect the results of breast augmentation. Each patient must find a balance between size, projection and width. We pride in being able to assist our patients to understand the planning involved with the result they desire and provide them with a high quality result and beautiful breasts.

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All Sizes Are Beautiful

Big, small, natural or fake we do it all.

Average sizes used in our practice are about 375cc to 450cc, but this varies from year to year. The outer breast implant shells come in two varieties, smooth and textured. All of these different possibilities when choosing your breast implants must be taken into consideration and it takes considerable experience to make the proper choice for each patient.

For breast implants to feel as natural as possible, they must be relatively soft. Silicone breast implants are much softer than saline breast implants and are both FDA approved.

Learn more about breast implant sizes, profiles and textures.

textured and smooth breast implants
Textured and Smooth breast implants side by side.

Go Big or Go Home

Dr. Aldo can help you find the right size for you!

Want a breast augmentation but don't want to go too big? We can help. We perform the most breast augmentations in Arizona and at your consutlation we can have you try the Mentor® Volume Sizing System to find the right size for you.

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