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Dr. Aldo Recommends the Keller Funnel®

The latest and most advanced technology in breast augmentation surgery.

Physician holding Keller Funnel
Keller Funnel® photo courtesy of Keller Medical, Inc.

The Preferred Way to Deliver Silicone Implants

Smooth delivery of silicone breast implants.

The Keller Funnel® is a device Dr. Aldo Guerra, one of the top plastic surgeons in Arizona, uses to facilitate the placement of silicone gel breast implants during breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. After using this device, he has found that placing breast implants has become much easier when compared to other techniques he has used in the past. The funnel reduces the amount of work for the surgeon and, importantly, reduces the pressure applied on the outer silicone shell of the breast implant. Uneven or forceful application of pressure is something to be avoided when placing silicone breast implants because this can weaken the outer shell over time. In addition, the funnel reduces the length of the incision when compared to other techniques of placement.

Silicone breast implant + Keller Funnel =
Silicone breast implants before and after photo
Silicone implant with a Keller Funnel® help to achieve beautiful results.

All Women Want Smaller Incisions

Keller Funnel® reduces the length of incisions.

The Keller Funnel® can be utilized with all of the popular breast augmentation incisions which are regularly used for silicone gel breast implant placement. Each funnel is designed to be used once per patient. The funnel is used after the plastic surgeon has created the incision and developed a pocket for the breast implant. When the plastic surgeon is ready to place the silicone breast implant, he will place the implant inside the funnel and gently apply pressure to advance the breast implant forward.

View before and after breast implant photos.

Silicone MemoryGel actual patient, before and after photo
Before and after silicone MemoryGel® breast implants, actual patient.
Actual patient photo
Actual patient, Keller Funnel® used in every silicone breast augmentation procedure.
Actual patients photo
Dr. Aldo showing patients a Silicone gel implant.

Dr. Aldo and Keller Funnel®

Perfect match to achieve beautiful results.

In summary, the Keller Funnel® is considered a state-of-the-art plastic surgery technique and was designed to ease the placement of silicone breast implants through standard breast augmentation incisions. The device gives a plastic surgeon 5 very important advantages when performing breast augmentation or breast lift with silicone gel breast implants:

  • Reduces local forces applied on the implant shell for better long-term results.
  • Reduces incision length with silicone gel breast implants.
  • Reduces trauma to the patient's breast tissue, improving recovery time.
  • Lessens breast surgery time and reduces physician fatigue.
  • Allows for a “no-touch” delivery which reduces the rate of capsular contracture.

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“No-Touch” Technique

Keller Funnel® allows for a smooth delivery.

The funnel is tapered and the width of the opening can be adjusted depending on the size of the breast implant desired by the patient. The bigger the breast implant, the larger the size of the taper at the end of the funnel. Once the implant is in place, then the plastic surgeon places the small funneled end into the incision and towards the pocket. A gentle squeeze is performed and the breast implant is advanced into the pocket. The Keller Funnel® creates a uniform amount of pressure and this reduces trauma to the patient’s and breast implant shell. Because the implant never touches the skin during this process, it is truly a “no-touch” technique.

Dr. Aldo Guerra always uses a Keller Funnel® with all of his silicone breast implant cases. Make an appointment today and ask about the Keller Funnel®.

Doctor showing Keller Funnel to patient
Keller Funnel® photo courtesy of Keller Medical, Inc.