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Breast Implants Cost in Arizona

Get prices for silicone and saline breast implants.

Actual Patients

Costs associated with breast implants are a major part in the decision to move forward with breast surgery. Costs, however, should not be the sole reason for choosing your breast surgeon. In fact, if you simply compare prices from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon you may end up cheating yourself out of the best results and experience when choosing a top breast implant specialist.

We advise all our patients to instead consider the doctor, the plastic surgery team and office. This includes that you evaluate everything from your initial first impressions to the way other breast implant patients have rated or reviewed their results and experience with the surgeons you are considering. You may also want to look at before and after breast implant photos at great length. Consider who has the most beautiful breast implant photos and best results. Also consider the level of professionalism in the doctor’s team, their level of friendliness, and most importantly, how knowledgeable they are about breast implants.

Once you have completed your research and considered the points discussed above, then and only then can you truly make an educated and well thought out assessment of the quality of the work your plastic surgeon performs. Quality is the key with successful breast implant surgery. The higher the quality you see in before and after photos and your interactions with the office the higher the quality of your potential results. The highest quality is worth the price for it means better results with less revision surgery and this translates into a huge costs savings for you in the long-run. Therefore, while some surgeons may indeed have higher prices up front, over the years, the cost savings are superior when choosing a higher quality plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implants.

Actual patient photo
Actual patient, silicone MemoryGel® breast implants.

Breast Implants Cost Comparison Chart

Silicone MemoryGel®

  • Silicone MemoryGel implant
  • Cash
    $6,300 $5,900*
    Credit Card
    $6,500 $6,100*
    $6,700 $6,300*

Silicone MemoryShape®

  • Silicone MemoryShape implant
  • Cash
    $6,850 $6,450*
    Credit Card
    $7,050 $6,650*
    $7,250 $6,850*


  • Saline implant
  • Cash
    Credit Card

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