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Tummy Tuck with Breast Augmentation

Our most popular mommy makeover.

Restore Your Figure

Tummy tuck with breast augmentation.

The most popular mommy makeover at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale involves tummy tuck with breast augmentation. Dr. Aldo Guerra specializes in mommy makeovers and he has developed a highly specialized treatment and recovery plan to get our patients back to their normal routine as quickly as possible. Tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery in Scottsdale help patients to get back to their pre-pregnancy body. If your breast do not sag or are minimally saggy we will likely recommend a breast augmentation with MemoryGel® or MemoryShape™ silicone breast implants or saline breast implants.

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Actual patient, mommy makeover option 1 tummy tuck with breast augmentation.

Tummy Tuck with Breast Augmentation at a glance

  • Average Length
    3 - 4 Hours
  • Anesthesia
  • Location
    Certified Outpatient Surgery Center or Specialty Hospital
  • Recovery
    Back to work less than 2 weeks
    Full exercise 6 weeks
  • Improving the Experience
    Overnight Stay
    3-Day Pain Reducing Pump
    Keller Funnel®
  • Am I a Good Candidate?
    No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
    Have excess skin and fat in abdomen
    Body Mass Index (BMI) 26 - 32
    Unhappy with size and shape of breasts
    Realistic goals and expectations

Recovery Experts

Our Post-Op Team is #1 in Arizona

Since we specialize in tummy tuck with breast augmentation and we have a top post-op team that will help you recover from your mommy makeover surgery and get you back to your normal routine ASAP. Headed by Dr. Aldo Guerra, one of the top plastic surgeons in Arizona that has been ordering the most breast implants in Arizona for the past three years.

Learn more about the recovery for mommy makeovers.

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Actual patient, under the breast crease incisions.

Changes After Pregnancy

Restore your breasts after pregnancy.

Many mothers are concerned that breastfeeding will ruin their youthful breasts. Breastfeeding is not the only culprit. Other factors such as weight gain, cup size and smoking can make the breasts sag after pregnancy. Pregnancy, however, always affects the breasts. As the breasts prepare for milk production, the milk glands swell, replacing the natural fatty breast composition. After pregnancy and lactation, this expanded system of ducts can atrophy to varying degrees. If your breasts have lost their volume after pregnancy a breast augmentation with round or shaped silicone breast implants or saline breast implants can help restore your youthful appearance.