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Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Aldo Guerra. A tummy tuck is designed to remove excess fat and skin in the abdominal area, as well as unwanted stretchmarks stemming from pregnancy and weight loss. This removal in the mid-central abdominal area creates an overall tightening effect to flatten the tummy, making you look healthier, thinner and in better overall shape. As an experienced tummy tuck surgeon, Dr. Aldo has helped many tummy tuck patients attain a trimmer midsection.

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Actual Patient 01270 before Actual Patient 01270 after
Tummy tuck with liposuction of the hips, actual patient.
Actual Patient 01300 before Actual Patient 01300 after
Tummy tuck with liposuction of the hips, actual patient.

Tummy Tuck at a glance

Avg. Surgery Time
1.5 - 3.5 Hours
Certified Outpatient Surgery Center or Specialty Hospital
  • Back to work less than 2 weeks
  • Full exercise 6 weeks
Improving the
  • Overnight Stay
  • Exparel® Long Lasting Pain Control
  • embrace® #1 Scar Therapy Treatment
Am I a
Good Candidate?
  • Healthy
  • Non-smoker
  • No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
  • Have excess skin and fat in abdomen
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Less than 25 - 35
  • Realistic goals and expectations
Actual Patient photo
Dr. Aldo, an actual patient and Viridiana in a post-op recovery room.

Full Tummy Tuck

Our most popular tummy tuck procedure.

A full or standard tummy tuck is designed to remove excess skin and fat in the abdominal area, as well as unwanted stretch marks stemming from pregnancy and weight loss. Learn more about a standard tummy tuck cosmetic surgery procedure.

Learn more about full tummy tuck surgery.

Extended Tummy Tuck

Major weight loss. No problem.

The extended tummy tuck procedures are designed to remove even more excess skin and fat than standard tummy tuck, while tightening the six-pack tummy muscles in a standard fashion.

Learn more about extended tummy tuck surgery.

mini tummy tuck before and after photo
Mini tummy tuck, actual patient.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Need a little tuck. We have you covered.

The mini tummy tuck is designed ot create a smaller scar, while removing less skin and fat than with the standard tummy tuck, and tightening only the very bottom of the abdominal wall six-pack muscles. Learn more about a mini tummy tuck cosmetic surgery procedure.

Learn more about mini tummy tuck surgery.

Add Breast Enhancement

Tummy tuck and breast surgery = mommy makeover.

Many patients choose to have 1 surgery, 1 downtime, 1 recovery so they combine the tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery. Tummy tuck with two areas of liposuction helps to achieve a smaller waistline. The breasts can also be augmented, lifted or both with a breast augmentation or breast lift procedure. When we combine these procedure we call it a Scottsdale mommy makeover.

Learn more about the mommy makeover procedures.

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