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Tummy Tuck with Breast Reduction

Reduce both your waistline and your breasts in one procedure.

If you need to reduce the size of your breasts then consider a mommy makeover tummy tuck with breast reduction. Experienced Arizona plastic surgeon Dr. Aldo Guerra will discuss the details of your mommy makeover treatment and recovery plan at your consultation. Large breasts can cause multiple problems, including neck, back, headaches, shoulder grooving (bra-straps digging in), that interference with activities and exercise. As a result, women with large breasts are often in chronic pain, have little energy and may be overweight because they are unable to exercise, which prevents them from enjoying a higher quality of life.

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Actual patient, mommy makeover option 3 tummy tuck with breast reduction.

Tummy Tuck with Breast Reduction at a glance

  • Average Length
    5.5 - 6 Hours
  • Anesthesia
  • Location
    Certified Outpatient Surgery Center or Specialty Hospital
  • Recovery
    Back to work 2 weeks
    Full exercise 6 weeks
  • Improving the Experience
    Overnight Stay
    3-Day Pain Reducing Pump
  • Am I a Good Candidate?
    No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
    Have excess skin and fat in abdomen
    Body Mass Index (BMI) 26 - 32
    Realistic goals and expectations

Recovery Experts

Our Post-Op Team is #1

Since we specialize in tummy tuck with breast reduction and we have a top post-op team that will help you recover from your mommy makeover surgery and get you back to your normal routine ASAP. Headed by Dr. Aldo Guerra, a top plastic surgeon in Arizona, specializes in tummy tucks with breast reductions.

Learn more about the recovery for mommy makeover surgery.

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Actual patient, breast reduction.

Need a Reduction?

Reduce the size of your breasts.

While weight loss and exercise are often suggested by most physicians prior to surgery, these efforts are often futile. Weight loss usually does not alleviate the symptoms of large breasts. Medications may be of some benefit, but limited. Invariably, breast reduction surgery is the most effective, efficient and most successful way to treat problematic large breasts. During breast reduction surgery, the nipples-areola complex is moved to a higher position while the tissue judged to be excessive and heavy is removed. This is usually accomplished without removing your nipples. The nipple stays fully attached to the breast. As the nipple preserves its attachment, most women retain nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed. Only in cases where the breasts are severely enlarged do the nipples require free grafting.