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Dr. Aldo is a RealSelf Top 100 Doctor 2012-2018

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Dr. Aldo Guerra is a board certified plastic surgeon.

Your first and most important choice is choosing your doctor. We'll make it easy for you. Dr. Aldo is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in tummy tucks in Arizona. He uses the most advanced techniques to help plan an individualized tummy tuck surgery.

Phoenix Magazine Top Doc 2011
Dr. Aldo Guerra was selected a Top Doctor in the Phoenix Magazine.
breast augmentation patient wearing lingerie
Dr. Aldo Guerra, one of the top tummy tuck plastic surgeons in Arizona.
Before after breast lift incision treated with embrace

embrace® #1 Scar Therapy Treatment

Tummy tuck incisions and embrace® go hand in hand.

Dr. Aldo Guerra offers embrace® Active Scar Defense as his recommended treatment option for tummy tuck incisions. It has been clinically proven that embrace® is the only scar treatment to minimize the formation of scars after surgery. Each dressing is a pre-streched silicone device that actively relieves the skin's natural tension during the healing process, which has been shown to limit scar tisssue formation and significantly improve the tummy tuck scar appearance.

Before after tummy tuck incision treated with embrace at 8 months
Before after tummy tuck incision treated with embrace® Active Scar Defense. Results shown at 8 months.
Exparel® provides long lasting pain control post surgery..

Game Changer

Exparel® 72 hours of pain control.

Dr. Aldo provides Exparel® for all of his tummy tuck procedures. Patients are thrilled to hear that Exparel® provides long lasting pain control after their tummy tuck surgery. Our patients experience less discomfort after a tummy tuck with Exparel® and report that they take less pain medications as they are recovering. Exparel® and Dr. Aldo's techniques is a winning combination for beatiful tummy tuck results. Don't wait, call us today at (480) 970-2580 or

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Very Low Incision Technique

Patients are thrilled about Dr. Aldo's advanced tummy tuck techniques.

Dr. Aldo Guerra is known for his beautiful tummy tuck results that allow his pateints to achieve a smaller waistline. Patients are super excited about his very low incision techniques for all of his tummy tucks. In general, most women are not thrilled to learn that a tummy tuck requires a hip to hip incisions. The good news is that with Dr. Aldo he performs his very low incision technique to keep that incision as low as possible. If you review our extensive before and after tummy tuck photos you'll see that the incision is low enought to be hidden under normal underwear as it's healing. If you are worried about the tummy tuck incision and scaring then you've found the right doctor. He cares just as much as you do and he will do his best to get you the most beautiful tummy tuck result.

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tummy tuck before and after photos
Actual patient, before and after full tummy tuck with very-low incision. After photos taken 6 weeks after surgery.

Accredited Surgical Facilities

Certified surgery centers with overnight care.

The third, and most important, way that we differentiate our Scottsdale tummy tuck practice from others is by performing the procedure in an extremely safe environment. We provide only certified anesthesia providers to deliver safe and effective anesthesia, certified surgery facilities with the potential for overnight stay with care administered by registered nurses, and patient controlled analgesia pumps to deliver efficient and appropriate pain control. We also provide a variety of prophylactic medications and devices that allow you to have the safest and smoothest tummy tuck recovery possible.

Dr. Aldo recommends accredited surgical facilities and anesthesiologists in Arizona.

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