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Silicone MemoryShape® Breast Implants

Also known as "teardrop" or "gummy bear" breast implants.

Newest and Most Advanced

New Teardrop MemoryShape® breast implants.

Silicone MemoryShape® breast implants are the newest state-of-the art option for women today. The latest clinical studies show that MemoryShape® breast implants have the lowest reported incidence of complications in primary breast augmentation at 10 years. This offers patients the opportunity to achieve the most natural breast augmentation results while at the same time reduce the risks of capsular contracture and rupture which are two possible complications for all breast implants. Dr. Aldo Guerra, one of the top plastic surgeons in Phoenix metro area, highly recommends MemoryShape® breast implants as the most superior option on the market today.

1002167 before and after 1
Before and after 355cc MM MemoryShape® breast implants, actual patient.
1002013 before and after 1
Before and after 390cc MH MemoryShape® breast implants, actual patient.
Actual patient with MemoryShape Breast Implants
Actual patient with MemoryShape® breast implants.
Silicone MemoryShape teardrop/gummy bear implant
Natural teardrop MemoryShape® breast implant.

Predictable Long-Term Results

Helps create the natural shape of the breast.

MemoryShape® breast implants are designed to establish the most natural looking results using cohesive silicone gel-filled with a teardrop shape. Unlike the more traditional round breast implants, MemoryShape® breast implants are shaped to look like a natural breast. In fact, these implants are often referred to as “teardrop” breast implants because of their unique form. In addition, the gel material is soft and the feel of the breast after augmentation is also quite natural.

Actual Patient 1002023-2 before Actual Patient 1002023-2 after
Before and 18 months after 315cc MM MemoryShape® breast implants, actual patient.

Breast Augmentation at a glance

Avg. Surgery Time
1 Hour
Certified Outpatient Center
  • Back to work less than 1 week
  • Full exercise 6 weeks
Improving the
  • embrace® #1 Scar Therapy Treatment
  • Keller Funnel®
  • Mentor® Enhanced Warranty
Am I a
Good Candidate?
  • Healthy
  • Non-smoker
  • No medical conditions that reduce wound healing
  • Unhappy with size and shape of breasts
  • Realistic goals and expectations
Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos Actual Patient
Meet Dr. Aldo Guerra, top MemoryShape® breast surgeon in the Southwestern United States.

Right Way to Cleavage

Beautiful, natural and long-term breast augmentation results.

Actual Patient 1002012 before Actual Patient 1002012 after
Before and after 375cc MM+ MemoryShape® breast implants, actual patient.
Actual Patient 1002176 before Actual Patient 1002176 after
Before and after 465cc TM+ MemoryShape® breast implants, actual patient.
Teardrop Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implants Lineup

Breast Implant Projection

More options with 5 different projections.

There are 5 teardrop MemoryShape® breast implant profiles to choose from depending on your body shape and measurements. Dr. Aldo will take your chest measurements at your consultation and determine the most appropriate fit breast implants for you. Depending on the look that you desire he will make recommendations to achieve those results. MemoyrShape® is the newest and most advanced breast implant available on the market today.

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3 patients lined up from least projection to more projection.
From least projection to most projection (MM, MM+ and MH).
Teardrop Mentor MemoryShape Implant Projection
1002167 before and after 3
355cc MM MemoryShape® Breast Implants.
1002012 before and after 3
375cc MM+ MemoryShape® Breast Implants.
1002176 before and after 3
465 TM+ MemoryShape® Breast Implants.
1002003 before and after 3
330 LM+ MemoryShape® Breast Implants.
1002013 before and after 3
390 MH MemoryShape® Breast Implants.
Watch the MemoryShape® breast implant being cut in half.

“Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

Soft and cohesive gel, a great choice of implant.

The design of MemoryShape® breast implants improves dramatically over previously available breast implant designs. The most significant advancement involves the character of the silicone gel designed uniquely for these breast implants. The gel material is a highly linked form of silicone that allows the breast implant to maintain its teardrop silhouette and yet feels like a natural breast. This ability to maintain this shape allows the breast implant to contour the breast into a beautiful figure. Because of this trait, these implants are often referred to as contour profile gel (CPG) or simply as “gummy bear” implants.

Dr. Aldo thumbnail

Q & A with Dr. Aldo

There are a lot of breast implants on the market, which is the best?

In my opinion, Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implants are the best.

MemoryShape Breast Implant that has been cut in half.
MemoryShape® breast implant cut in half. Notice the cohesive gel similar properties to a gummy bear.

Is MemoryShape® for you?

The ideal patient for MemoryShape® breast implants.

In nature, the most natural breast appears to have a full bottom, a gently tapered upper pole that is not overly round, and a beautiful overall shape and projection. To the human eye, this “teardrop” shape has been historically considered the most attractive breast profile. Therefore, the ideal patient for a MemoryShape® breast implant is someone who has little breast tissue and desires to have breast enhancement that looks fuller but also resembles the natural breast shape.

Patients who are ideal candidates for MemoryShape® breast implants also have small breast volume before surgery (A or B cup), good skin tone and not too elastic or saggy, and have a breast crease that is well formed. Patients with asymmetry of the breast volume where one cup is bigger than the other are good candidates for MemoryShape® while patients who are symmetrical are ideal candidates for these shaped breast implants.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Aldo Guerra to find out if the MemoryShape® breast implant is for you.

Silicone MemoryShape® Breast Implants

  • Silicone MemoryShape implant
  • Profiles
    High, Moderate, Moderate Plus
    Low, Medium, Tall
    Base Width
    Textured Only
    Fill Volume
    Set Fill Volume

    • FDA Approved


    • Manufactured in the USA

Actual patients photo
Actual breast implants patients in Scottsdale with Dr. Aldo.

Communication is Key

Planning for MemoryShape® breast implants.

With MemoryShape® breast implants, the size recommendation is based strictly on the measurements of your natural breast. In particular, the breast base (width) diameter. The breast base diameter is measured during consultation and the corresponding sizes can be recommended at that time. Using these measurements as a guideline, the recommended breast implant will deliver the best volume for your breasts and result in a natural breast contour. On the other hand, if patients choose a diameter bigger than recommended, then too much roundness is introduced and this may result in a lack on natural breast shape.

All patients are marked prior to surgery on the day of the operation. Breast marking for this surgical breast augmentation procedure requires more detail and having extra time for markings is important.

Beautiful Results Coming Up

Expectations for MemoryShape® breast implants.

A woman who receives MemoryShape® breast implants can expect to have a round and well-contoured breast shape, with a natural upper portion of the breast that gently slopes down to a fuller lower breast. They can also expect to have a cup size enhancement of 1 or 2 cups at most. Bigger implants to achieve a bigger cup will likely lead to too much fullness in the breast. This will void the natural silhouette and instead create a more round breast shape.

After surgery, most patients can expect a straightforward breast augmentation recovery and relatively low discomfort. You can also expect not to massage these breast implants. Because of their unique design, MemoryShape® breast implants do not require any displacement exercises or breast massaging. We do highly recommend a breast positioning band should be worn up to 6 weeks while a supportive bra during the day may be required for up to 12 weeks. After this, a supportive bra may be recommended for sleeping for up to 1 year.

View before and after MemoryShape® breast implant photos.

MemoryShape breast augmentation patient
Actual MemoryShape® breast implants patient.
MemoryShape breast augmentation patient
Round, soft MemoryGel® silicone breast implants.

Want Round, Fuller Breasts?

MemoryGel® offers round look, upper pole volume.

We may recommend another type of breast implant if you desire a different shape or look than that which is delivered by MemoryShape® breast implant devices. We must recall that a teardrop breast implant will result in a teardrop breast shape after breast surgery. If your goal is to have a mildly or highly prominent upper breast, the recommendation in such cases is for a round silicone gel implant, also called MemoryGel® breast implant.

Patients more often seek out round breast implants because round is a more popular breast shape. Round breast implant like the MemoryGel® are also soft and result in a natural feel to the breast. The biggest difference between round and shaped breast implants is the breast silhouette after surgery. In addition, round breast implants have less limitations with regards to size and patients may seek bigger breast implants not conforming to breast base measurements.

Learn more about Silicone MemoryGel® breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Consultation Scottsdale Arizona
Dr. Aldo Guerra in a consultation room with patients.

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