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MD Anesthesiologists for Your Surgery

Gold standard for safe anesthesia.
You'll have 2 Board Certified MD doctors in your operating room.

MD Anesthesiologist Only

Gold standard in safety for anesthesia.

The anesthesiologist is a key person, intimately involved in your tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift or mommy makeover surgery that provides the anesthesia required to make your procedure comfortable and safe. Anesthesia care in an accredited facility has reached a level of sophistication that is comparable to the care received in the hospital, as long as; it is delivered by someone with appropriate training, experience and certification. Dr. Aldo believes that physician anesthesiologists provide a higher level of care than other practitioners such as licensed nurse anesthetists.

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MD Anesthesiologist
Dr. Aldo recommends MD anesthesiologists for your plastic surgery procedure.
The American Board of Anesthesiology
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Choose MD Anesthesiologists ONLY

MD anesthesia for your plastic surgery in Arizona.

All of our anesthesiologists at the Guerra Plastic Surgery Center are highly experienced, have undergone extensive training and have been working with us for many years. At the accredited surgical facility, you can be assured that each patient receives individual monitoring by skilled, licensed personnel before, during and after the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Quality patient care, safety and successful surgical outcomes are the result of the patient, the board certified plastic surgeon, the MD anesthesiologist, and the surgical staff working together as a team.

MD Anesthesia Procedures

We only recommend MD Anesthesiologists.

Plastic surgery provider Dr. Aldo insists in using only appropriately licensed physician anesthesiologists to provide your anesthesia during the plastic surgery procedures which include:

Breast Plastic Surgery
Breast Augmentation Breast Lift
Body Plastic Surgery
Tummy Tuck Liposuction
Before and After photo of Mommy Makeover with Breast Lift
Actual patient, MD Anesthesiologist used for this mommy makeover procedure.