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A 10-Step Guide to Successful Breast Augmentation Results

A 10-Step Guide to Successful Breast Augmentation Results

Board-certified plastic surgeons performed more than 300,000 breast augmentation procedures in the United States in 2018. Yet, numerous women still hesitate to undergo the popular plastic surgery procedure, even if they suffer from micromastia — a medical condition describing the underdevelopment of a woman's breast tissue. Some women avoid breast augmentation due to fears of pain, lengthy recovery periods, and the chance for underwhelming results. To make navigating the surgical process less stressful and intimidating, Guerra Plastic Surgery Center shares 10 steps for a successful breast augmentation below.
1. Review as many before and after photos, as well as patient testimonials, before deciding which practice to entrust with your care.

Before and after photographs provide you a plethora of information on prospective breast augmentation results. The majority of plastic surgery practices, including ours, offer hundreds of online photos to review from the comfort of your home. While doing your research, read through your prospective surgeon’s reviews and patient testimonials to have an idea of their style, skill level, and bedside manner.

2. Choose your plastic surgeon wisely.

Always pick a board-certified plastic surgeon, which tells you that the doctor has received extensive training in his field, passed rigorous oral and written exams, and is current with his ongoing education. Dr. Aldo Guerra, for example, trained specifically for a career in cosmetic plastic surgery. After completing his training, he passed the American Board of Plastic Surgery's qualifying examination. However, if you are looking for a doctor outside the Phoenix area, you can turn to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the American Board of Plastic Surgery to locate a board-certified plastic surgeon near you.

3. Consider your financial situation.

On average, the starting ballpark fees of breast augmentation may cost between $5,000 and $8,050. The exact price will depend on your needs and the type of breast implant. To make the procedure more affordable, many practices accept a variety of payment options, including medical financing through CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending. These easy payment plans mean there are fewer reasons to postpone your breast augmentation, but it is crucial to make sure you can afford your desired procedure before moving forward. For instance, do not settle for saline implants if you want silicone implants. Knowing what you want and not settling for second best is key to avoiding unsatisfactory results.

Read 5 Foolproof Ways to Save Money for Plastic Surgery to know more about how to afford cosmetic surgery.

4. Arrange enough time off for your recovery.

The first three phases of breast augmentation recovery take about 14 days. During this time, it is best to enlist the help of a friend or family member with childcare and household chores. Most women return to work within seven to ten days. In hindsight, if your job demands physical exertion, you may require additional time off or a brief adjustment in your work duties.

5. Do the rice test.

The Rice Test is a quick, at-home method that will help you determine whether larger breasts suit you. All you need to perform this test is a bag of uncooked rice, a measuring cup, stockings, an unpadded bra in your desired size, a body-fitting shirt, and a mirror. Put the homemade pouches of rice in your bra, molding them to your body. The Rice Test provides a realistic representation of how your implants may look. With the rice in place, try on your favorite tops and dresses to see how much you like your "new" busty figure.

6. Schedule a breast augmentation consultation.

Now that you've finished your homework, schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Guerra. This appointment gives you a chance to see his office, meet our staff, and get to know your prospective plastic surgeon. Dr. Guerra will perform an examination and discuss the best breast augmentation procedure for your unique needs. Included in this visit is seeing and feeling an actual breast implant, as well as trying on different implant sizes. During this time, you will receive your surgical quote and talk about financing with a patient coordinator.

7. Choose the date of your surgery.

If you decide that Dr. Guerra is the perfect plastic surgeon for you, you may schedule your breast augmentation procedure. At our practice, you will be scheduled to come in two or more weeks before your surgery, for a pre-operative appointment. There, you will meet with our clinical team and review the necessary information that will help you have a successful recovery. On the day of your surgery, if you prefer not to stay overnight in Scottsdale, keep in mind that you will need someone to drive you home.

8. Follow your plastic surgeon's post-op instructions.

Following your procedure, Dr. Guerra will equip you with detailed post-op instructions. Carefully follow the list. The instructions will include no exercising or heavy lifting until you are discharged , refraining from smoking and being around smoke for the life of your implants, and wearing a surgical bra for an extended period. Also, ensure to keep track of your follow-up appointments. Missing one could jeopardize having a smooth recovery.

9. Shop ('til you drop) for new bras.

Step #9 is one of the most exciting on this list. After several nights of researching, choosing the right surgeon, having a successful procedure, and breezing through recovery, it is finally time to shop for new, well-fitting bras. By the six-month mark, your breast implants have likely settled on your chest, and most of the swelling would have subsided. A follow-up appointment with Dr. Guerra will let you know when you can add an underwired bra to your wardrobe.

10. Enjoy your beautiful results.

Congratulations! You made a worthy investment in yourself to feel more happy and confident. Enjoy your results for several years to come.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Guerra specializes in a variety of breast enhancement surgeries, including breast lifts, augmentations, and a combination of both. Whether you are unsatisfied with the size, shape, or symmetry of your breasts, our practice can help. Contact us now to schedule your breast enhancement consultation in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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