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Why Phoenix, Arizona Residents Should Invest in miraDry®

Why Phoenix, Arizona Residents Should Invest in miraDry®

miraDry® system for undearm sweat reduction.

On average, there are 299 sunny days per year in Phoenix, Arizona. During the summer, temperatures can creep beyond 120, which urges some residents to flee until the holidays. Arizona’s scorching weather and dry climate can become a grueling problem to many, particularly due to excessive sweating in the underarm region. Though perspiration is a normal bodily process, too much of it can cause visible sweat stains and body odors, which can significantly impact your self-esteem and lifestyle.
The question is: Is there a permanent solution to excessive armpit sweating? Allow Guerra Plastic Surgery Center to discuss.

Why is it so hot in Phoenix, Arizona?

Before we provide the solution to almost every Arizonan’s underarm sweating problem, let us examine some factors that contribute to the state's sweltering climate:

Dry Heat. Since June is the beginning of summer in Arizona, it is the driest month of the year, with only 0.02 of an inch of rain on average. The dry air plays a leading role in the extreme temperatures often occurring later in the month before the onset of monsoon season. Additionally, the lack of humidity means it takes less effort for the sun to warm up the equal volume of dry air than it does air with more moisture.

High Pressure. The “H” you see on most weather maps show high air pressure, which is often the reason behind Phoenix, AZ’s heat waves in June. A persistent area of high pressure hangs around the Southwest, which is a significant factor in the state's sunny climate. Because high pressure often results in clear, dry conditions, it contributes to Phoenix’s extreme heat.

Location. Arizona sits relatively close to the equator and as a result, receives plenty of the sun’s beaming rays and energy, especially during the summer.

In the simplest of terms: long, sunny days in the latter half of June until late September means more time for sweating and less time for overnight cooling.

How to Stop Underarm Sweating Permanently

miraDry® is a groundbreaking, non-invasive, and FDA-cleared treatment that will release you from the bothersome problems of excessive underarm sweat. The treatment works by eliminating the sweat and odor glands, allowing you to feel confident that your underarms will remain dry and odor-free in any situation or weather condition.

If your concern is whether the treatment is safe, it is important to remember that your entire body is composed of roughly 2 million sweat glands. Therefore, the removal of sweat glands will not cause any problems to your body. In fact, the procedure can provide outstanding relief in alleviating excessive sweating, embarrassment, and hassle.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy in 2013, miraDry® provided profound results in treating both axillary hyperhidrosis (underarm) and axillary osmidrosis (foul-smelling sweat). The study, comprising 11 patients in Asia, treated the group with miraDry® and were then tested seven months later for improvement of symptoms using the Hyperhidrosis Disease Severity Scale (HDSS) - a 4 point scale. During the follow-up, it was revealed that 83.3% of the underarms treated had experienced a 2 point improvement in the (HDSS). Among the armpits that had exhibited osmidrosis (foul odor), an astonishing 93.8% showed good to excellent results.

Additionally, in April 2012, clinical data from the University of British Columbia proved that miraDry® was successful in reducing armpit sweat in 90% of patients. The average sweat reduction was at 82%. Patients rated their satisfaction level with the treatment at 90%.

Reasons to Invest in miraDry®

Consider these five reasons when deciding if miraDry® is the treatment you need:

1. Do you sweat a lot regardless of the weather?

If the weather is chilly and you somehow manage to break a sweat through a few layers of clothes, you are the inspiration behind miraDry®. Excessive sweating is especially prevalent if you are on-the-go. No one wants to feel and smell like they finished a gym session when in reality, they were fresh out of the shower and perspired during the commute to work or school. If you struggle with this issue, miraDry® at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center is the solution to your problem.

2. Do you need to apply deodorant regularly?

miraDry® is an excellent treatment for reducing underarm odor. Our patients at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center are delighted to know that undergoing this procedure may allow them to not have to use deodorant. miraDry® uses microwave technology to permanently eliminate sweat and odor glands in the underarms, which allows patients to experience an odor-free lifestyle for years to come.

3. Do you want to make consistently good first impressions?

Unless you are committed to switching every color in your wardrobe to black, visible sweat stains on your white bright, or neutral-colored clothes can leave a lingering bad impression. Sweat stains should not be the first thing anyone you meet notices. In fact, no one should ever notice them at all. Whether you are going to a job interview or on a first date, remember that first impressions matter. You never want to leave the impression that you are nervous or practice poor hygiene, both of which manifests in sweat stains.

On the other hand, if you really are considering an all-black wardrobe, know that it comes with its fair share of problems. For one, the color black naturally absorbs more heat. Second, the color highlights any speck that adheres to it, including deodorant stains. Luckily, all of these issues will become a thing of the past after your miraDry® procedure.

Casey just completed his 2nd miraDry underarm sweat reduction treatment at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center! Call 480-970-2580 to take advantage of our Summer miraDry Promotion.

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4. Do you need a confidence boost?

Just knowing that your clothes are dry and odor-free eliminates anxiety in social situations. You will never have to worry about being embarrassed over excessive sweating, bad odors, and deodorant stains ever again.

5. Do you need immediate results?

Scheduling your miraDry® Phoenix area procedure takes us less than two hours to complete in our office. Many of our patients experience an immediate decrease in sweat after the first treatment. However, depending on your skin type or particular situation, our clinicians may advise two additional treatments spaced in three month intervals to achieve the best possible results.

Turn to the miraDry® Experts

We are the #1 miradry® Phoenix area provider that has performed the most of these procedures with a very high success rate. If you are ready to live a life free of underarm sweat and odor, give us a call at 480-970-2580 or schedule a personal consultation online.


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