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Underarm Sweat Reduction is for Real with miraDry®

Underarm Sweat Reduction is for Real with miraDry®

Female Patient with Sweaty Underarms

Stop Underarm Sweat with miraDry®

We were very excited when our new miraDry® System arrived last October at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since then, we have been very busy applying this new technology on patients that sweat way too much from their underarms. Prospective patients who are researching miraDry® as an option to reduce this embarrassing problem should take note of our very positive results!

Our success, resulted from a focus on achieving excellent training with the use of this new technology and how to apply it most effectively while keeping our patients extremely comfortable. We have found that training and certification with this procedure is critical to improve outcome and minimize complications.

Underarm Sweat Reduction Procedure MiraDry

miraDry® works by permanently eliminating most of the underarm sweat glands. There are two types of glands which the procedure eradicates from the underarm area. Once type of gland causes underarm sweat. The other gland leads to body odor. We have found that undergoing a single non-invasive treatment with miraDry® can reduce the number of both types of glands by 75 to 80 percent.

MiraDry results compared with antiperspirants

To keep our patients comfortable, we use a special solution of local anesthesia. After the procedure, there is a little discomfort and some swelling. Swelling seems to improve rapidly in just days. There is no down time with miraDry®. Our team members that chose to have this procedure went back to work right away and did not have to take any pain medications.

miraDry® is for anyone that has concerns about sweating too much from the underarms or worries about embarrassing body odor. With the hot Arizona summer, ahead of us, I’m sure there are many people looking for this type of solution!

The bottom line is that miraDry® treatments can dramatically diminish the amount that you sweat and the associated odor. After 5 months of getting to know miraDry®, we continue to be very excited to be one of the few offices in the Valley to offer this great technology.

If you are want to stop sweating in the armpits call us today at 480-970-2580 or schedule a miraDry® consultation today!

Dr. Aldo Guerra is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering surgical and non-surgical options in Scottsdale, Arizona. His top cosmetic injectors at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center help patients achieve non-surgical treatments like miraDry®, Dysport®, BOTOX Cosmetic®, Kybella®, Restylane® and Juvederm® family of products. If you are interested in non-surgical treatments visit Guerra Plastic Surgery Center today.


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