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Why You Should Travel to Scottsdale for Plastic Surgery

Why You Should Travel to Scottsdale for Plastic Surgery

If you want the best plastic surgery experience and outcome, you need to find a destination with top surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, and an ideal environment for the loved ones you may be traveling with. Scottsdale, Arizona, checks all of these boxes and more, making it a premier destination for the nip-and-tuck crowd.

Top Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale

Nestled in the Sonoran Desert with approximately 360 days of sunshine each year, here are the reasons why The West's Most Western Town is one of the best places to go under the knife.

1. Top Plastic Surgeons and Medical Facilities

Scottsdale, AZ, is home to some of the country's top plastic surgeons and medical centers, and patients travel worldwide to experience them.

Renowned Plastic Surgeons

Phoenix-based practitioners like Dr. Aldo Guerra and Dr. Scott Ogley specialize in body surgery, breast surgery and face surgery. Some of the top procedures include breast augmentations with or without a mastopexy, tummy tucks, high-definition liposuctions, face and body lifts, thigh lifts, and more.

Dr. Guerra, founder and head surgeon at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center, is board-certified and a RealSelf 100 Top Doctor, making him one of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale, AZ, and the United States. Dr. Ogley, an aesthetic fellowship-trained surgeon specializing in face, breast, and body procedures, has also made a name for himself, recognized locally for his professional integrity and artistic sensibilities.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Top practices like Guerra Plastic Surgery Center offer luxurious environments for patients. They have on-site operating rooms, post-op recovery suites, and a team of nurses and aestheticians to provide compassionate care. You can feel confident in the sterility, safety standards, and advanced equipment these modern, accredited medical facilities offer.

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2. Privacy and Anonymity for Surgical Procedures

If privacy and discretion are important to you, Scottsdale should be at the top of your list of plastic surgery destinations.

Utmost Confidentiality

Scottsdale is a leading wellness and luxury destination, attracting visitors who seek pampering, rejuvenation, and beautification from around the world. Given the affluent nature of the city and its tourists, high-end plastic surgery centers and medical spas are accustomed to providing anonymity and ensuring patient privacy. They have stringent privacy policies in place, and staff members are trained to be discreet.

3. Nearby Luxury Accommodations for Comfortable Healing

With Scottsdale being a world-renowned destination for plastic surgery, it's no surprise that the area offers lavish accommodations perfect for healing in comfort and style.

Resort-Style Recovery

Heal amidst a relaxing oasis. Resorts like Gainey Suites Hotel and The Saguaro Scottsdale offer amenities such as spas, pools, fine dining, room service, and concierge assistance during your stay. If you are traveling to Scottsdale for plastic surgery with friends or family members, they will surely enjoy their stay, too.

Privacy and Discretion

Seeking plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements is a private decision, and Scottsdale's luxury hotels value confidentiality. Many cater specifically to plastic surgery patients. They have discreet entrances and exits and a specialized staff experienced in handling post-operative needs. Your privacy, comfort, and care are their top priorities during your recovery.

Proximity to Your Surgeon

Recovering close to your surgeon's practice provides reassurance and convenience. Should any questions or concerns arise during your recovery, your doctor and their staff are nearby and accessible. Many of the top plastic surgeons in Scottsdale have partnerships with adjacent luxury resorts and recovery centers, allowing them to provide attentive aftercare. Follow-up appointments are also more easily accommodated when staying within close proximity.

Between the emphasis on privacy, resort-style atmosphere, and closeness to your surgeon, The West's Most Western Town ensures your post-operative experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Focusing on your recovery in such ideal surroundings will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.

4. Easy Access to Outdoor Activities for Healthy Recovery (and Fun)

Scottsdale's warm climate and natural beauty provide the perfect environment for recovery after plastic surgery. The low humidity, minimal precipitation, 360 days of sunshine, and picturesque surroundings can also boost mood and mental well-being during recovery.

Multiple Outdoor Activities to Try

Scottsdale's pleasant weather means you can go outside and engage in light activity soon after your procedure. Going for walks, doing gentle yoga, or simply lounging outside are all options for taking in fresh air and vitamin D. Scottsdale's parks, trails, and resorts also provide easy access to breathtaking outdoor spaces.

In addition, your companions or loved ones have plenty to do during their stay. For example, they can explore:

  • Golf courses

  • Indoor and outdoor skydiving

  • Luxury casinos

  • Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

  • Indoor shooting range at the Scottsdale Gun Club

  • Mountain biking at McDowell Mountain Reserve

  • Horse racing at Turf Paradise

  • Spring training

  • Visit IPIC Theaters, Fashion Square Mall, and local eateries

The natural surroundings and wealth of recreational amenities in Scottsdale provide an optimal environment for healing and fun. The opportunity to be active and bask in the sunny outdoors also supports physical and mental recovery. As a major bonus, the city's weather and scenery create a perfect backdrop for your transformation.

Takeaway: Scottsdale Is the Place for Plastic Surgery

Scottsdale, AZ, is the premier destination for men and women looking to enhance their features. With its top plastic surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, luxury accommodations, and exciting outdoor activities, you will surely have an enjoyable experience throughout your stay. The natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert also provides an awe-inspiring setting for recovery and relaxation.

Whether you seek invasive or non-invasive enhancements, Scottsdale has what you need to achieve your face and body goals. With competitive pricing and travel deals, Scottsdale should be at the top of your list when considering destinations for your plastic surgery journey. Contact Guerra Plastic Surgery Center now to schedule your consultation and discover why so many people find Scottsdale irresistible. You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and loving the new you.


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