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3 Myths and Facts About Dermal Fillers for Breast Enlargement

3 Myths and Facts About Dermal Fillers for Breast Enlargement

"Youthfulness [is] a costly American obsession" and "Young Americans are already worried about looking old" are popular headlines published in NBC News and SWNS Digital. One-third of U.S. adults (33 percent) are, as a matter of fact, open to non-surgical beauty enhancements, and every year, more than 3 million Americans get dermal fillers to smooth out or prevent wrinkles.
This pursuit of youth and beauty leads individuals to explore innovative and alternative methods to slow skin aging. Dermal fillers – a.k.a. "the modern fountain of youth" – have gained immense renown as a minimally invasive, non-surgical option for achieving youthful skin, plump lips, and defined facial contours. However, in more recent years, an intriguing trend has emerged: the idea of using dermal fillers to increase breast size. Instigating discussions worldwide, this trend has drawn attention to various misconceptions.

By debunking the myths and presenting the facts, Guerra Plastic Surgery hopes readers like you will better understand the viability and safety of breast enhancement injections.

Can You Get Bigger Boobs with Dermal Fillers?

As much as 47% of women around the world want larger breasts. This desire to achieve a fuller bust without going under the knife has sparked curiosity about dermal fillers as an alternative to breast augmentation surgery. As with any trend in the field of beauty and aesthetic enhancement, we must separate fact from fiction, ensuring individuals make well-informed decisions about their cosmetic choices.

Informed decision-making requires a solid foundation of accurate information, especially when considering alterations to one's body. The purpose of this article is not to discourage individuals from exploring cosmetic options, but rather to provide them with the knowledge necessary to understand the results, limitations, and risks associated with using dermal fillers to increase breast size.

FACT: Dermal fillers are effective for breast enhancement

Using dermal fillers – or body fillers, in this case – to achieve a liquid boob job can provide mild to moderate volume enhancement. Unlike surgical procedures that deliver more dramatic transformations, dermal fillers offer a subtler and more nuanced enhancement.

Breast enlargement injections typically contain hyaluronic acid, saline, or another biocompatible substance. Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and other specialists administer the substance into specific areas of the breasts to add volume.

According to Per Hedén, MD, PhD, body fillers are a quick and simple alternative for women who want bigger breasts, but are not interested in surgery. "Hyaluronic acid gel injections [to be exact] provide immediate results with minimal discomfort. In clinical trials, it was associated with high ratings of breast general appearance, shape, and firmness," said Dr. Hedén in Cosmetic Surgery Times.

MYTH: Dermal fillers can significantly increase breast size

One common misconception about dermal fillers for breast augmentation is that they can dramatically increase breast size. In reality, the capacity of filler injections to augment breast size is limited. Only breast augmentation with implants delivers drastic transformations, while dermal fillers provide a subtle increase by approximately one cup size, correcting breast asymmetry and creating fullness in the upper portion of the breast.

FACT: The effect of breast augmentation with dermal fillers is temporary

Unlike surgical breast augmentation and its lasting changes, the nature of dermal fillers involves a temporary alteration to the chest's appearance.

The body naturally absorbs hyaluronic acid and other filler substances, gradually reducing the augmented volume. Depending on individual responses and how fast the body metabolizes the material, patients can expect to enjoy results between 9 and 12 months. In other words, patients must schedule periodic maintenance sessions (bi-annual or annual re-injections) to sustain their desired outcomes.

On a more positive note, one advantage of a dermal filler's non-permanence is it allows patients to "test drive" a natural-looking breast enhancement without or before committing to permanent solutions. It may be ideal for individuals prone to changing their minds or are uncertain about their long-term aesthetic goals.

MYTH: Breast fillers are 100% safe and risk-free

The misconception of risk-free dermal filler breast augmentation stems from the perception that these injections are minimally invasive. While it's true that dermal fillers are generally safe when qualified professionals administer them, any medical intervention, regardless of how minor or simple the procedure may be, carries risks.

Liquid breast augmentation involves injecting substances into areas of the breast tissue, and as with any medical procedure, complications may occur. Infection (as demonstrated in this study), inflammation, pain, bleeding, allergic reactions, filler migration, and asymmetry are among the consequences that may arise.

In addition, factors such as a patient's medical history, allergies, and overall health contribute to the potential risks and complications that may arise.

Choosing a qualified, experienced, board-certified medical professional to perform dermal filler breast augmentation is the best way to prevent unwanted complications. A skilled practitioner possesses the technical expertise to deliver aesthetic outcomes and understands the nuances of patient assessment and customized treatment planning.

FACT: Filler injections are less expensive, however…

Although the initial cost is lower with injectable fillers, the cumulative expenses of maintenance sessions can add up over the years. On the other hand, while surgical breast augmentation has a higher initial cost, it may offer a more predictable financial outlook.

Balancing short-term expenses with long-term value and satisfaction is crucial to navigating the financial landscape of cosmetic procedures. Fillers may appear more affordable upfront, but the effects are temporary, requiring ongoing treatments and payments to sustain. Breast augmentation surgery demands higher upfront costs, but breast implants can last 20 years or longer.

Ultimately, patients should consider their aesthetic goals, desired enhancement, and willingness to invest time and money into maintenance sessions.

MYTH: Candidacy for breast augmentation with dermal fillers is universal

No two people are the same – not even identical twins! Dermal filler breast augmentation, while offering a non-surgical option for enhancement, is not universally applicable. The approach that yields optimal results for one person may not be the right fit for another.

Consulting a qualified practitioner is necessary to determine an individual's eligibility for a liquid boob job. During a comprehensive consultation, the professional will examine the prospective patient's breast shape, size, skin quality, medical history, and overall anatomy. Moreover, they will discuss desired goals, address any concerns, and set realistic expectations to personalize a treatment plan that aligns with the individual's unique attributes. They can also identify whether a liquid boob job, surgical breast augmentation, or a different technique is the most appropriate approach.

Which Breast Enhancement Procedure Is Right for You?

Now armed with accurate information, you can engage in open conversations with Dr. Aldo Guerra and Dr. Scott Ogley, weigh your options, and make collaborative choices that align with your goals. Contact us today to request a FREE breast augmentation consultation.


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