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Sleeping After Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ

Sleeping After Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ

Breast implants in Scottsdale, Arizona are bigger than ever—both figuratively and literally. Because of these FDA-approved medical devices, breast augmentation remains the leading surgical enhancement procedure in the United States. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, getting implants is more popular than rhinoplasty and liposuction with 313,735 procedures in 2018. Advertisements about breast implants are even taking New York subways by storm. With taglines like "dream big," it's as if getting the transformative procedure is as casual as buying milk and cookies.

Breast augmentation, however, is not a one-stop destination. Rather, it is a progressive journey that involves critical steps you must follow to achieve beautiful-looking and long-lasting results.

Have You Been Ignoring Something Crucial to Breast Implant Care?

Because of its high importance, we've talked endlessly about breast implant care after augmentation in previous articles. In this writing, we will discuss an area of aftercare that does not receive enough attention. To be specific, sleeping with breast implants is our keyword phrase for today.

One of the challenges you might face during recovery is learning how to sleep after getting breast implants. To serve as your one-stop guide, here is the most helpful information on how to get a good night's rest after your surgery—without causing harm to your new breasts.

Why Does It Matter How You Sleep After Breast Augmentation?

There are four significant reasons why you need to take caution when sleeping following breast augmentation surgery.

The benefits of sleeping correctly post-operation are:

  • Adding pressure to your breast implants could prevent them from "settling" into place. Therefore, you need to sleep in a way that they are not getting crushed or pushed to another spot.

  • Second, getting adequate sleep and in the right position will allow you to heal quicker. While asleep, your body concentrates on healing, and more blood and oxygen flows across any injured tissues of your breasts.

  • Sleeping in the correct position can reduce wrinkle formation around your new breasts.

  • Last but not least, sleeping can alleviate post-surgery pain or discomfort, if any. Similar to other invasive procedures, you may experience some level of discomfort for a few days after getting breast implants. According to research, sleeping for 8 to 10 hours after augmentation may help to relieve pain.

So, How Are You Supposed to Sleep?

Now that you understand the advantages of sleeping for breast implant care, below are five tips on how to sleep after your breast augmentation surgery without concerns.

1. Sleep on Your Back

If you've spent your entire life sleeping on your side or stomach, it may seem impossible to sleep in a different position at first. However, sleeping on your back is the best way to recover faster without harming your breast implants. If you're wondering how, please continue reading to know more.

2. Keep Your Head and Shoulders Elevated

Aside from sleeping on your back, your upper body should maintain an elevated position to reduce swelling—especially when sleeping. This position prevents fluids from accumulating and promotes blood circulation.

Another reason to sleep upright is that it assists with mobility. Getting out of bed demands some upper body strength. Unfortunately, using your arm and chest muscles during recovery is not recommended. Keeping your head and shoulders elevated ensures that you don't need to reach with or add pressure to your arms when getting out of bed.

To remain in an upright position, you can stack your pillows or use a recliner.

3. Never Sleep on Your Stomach

Sleeping in a position where the front of your body is lying flat on the bed poses a lot of stress on your new breasts. Sleeping on your stomach may even push your implants out of place, which is dangerous since the breasts' movement can cause complications, including leakage or a ruptured implant.

4. Avoid Rolling onto Your Side

Rolling onto your side can be as detrimental as sleeping on your stomach as it also puts pressure on your implants.

5. Do Not Drink Substances That May Disrupt Your Sleep

As mentioned, sleeping for 8 to 10 hours may subdue any discomfort post-surgery. To experience the benefits of restful sleep, avoid drinking caffeinated, alcoholic, and sugary beverages before going to bed. These substances prevent you from falling asleep and intervene with the mechanism of your biological clock.

What About Sleeping Flat?

After you complete the breast augmentation recovery process, your plastic surgeon may authorize you to sleep without keeping your head and shoulders raised. In most cases, it takes about two to three weeks for Dr. Aldo Guerra to allow a patient to sleep flat on their back.

When Can You Sleep on Your Stomach Again?

If you don't like sleeping on your back, you may be curious about when you can lie on your stomach again. Here at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Phoenix, AZ, we suggest that you maintain the right sleeping position for at least 3 to 4 weeks after your procedure. Allowing you to sleep on your stomach depends on how fast your body heals, which Dr. Guerra will determine during one of your post-surgery appointments.

Should You Wear a Bra to Sleep After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Guerra recommends wearing supportive brassieres for at least a year after breast augmentation. Such undergarments are designed to maintain your breasts in a stable position, especially while you are sleeping. They also reduce swelling, ease tension on your incisions, and improve your recovery overall. Your doctor will determine how long you should wear a supportive surgical bra.

A Final Word of Advice

Take your plastic surgeon's post-operative instructions seriously if you want to recover fast and achieve your desired outcome. Hence, make sure to sleep on your back, keep your head and shoulders upright, and get at least eight hours of sleep after breast augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ.

To start your breast augmentation journey, feel free to complete our online form or call our office at 480-970-2580 to request a FREE consultation.


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