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Exercise After Breast Augmentation: Guide to 1-12 Weeks Post-Op

Exercise After Breast Augmentation: Guide to 1-12 Weeks Post-Op

Many breast augmentation patients who are passionate about health and fitness look forward to resuming their exercise routines as soon as possible. If you are a wellness enthusiast planning to get breast implants in Scottsdale, AZ, here is everything you need to know about how to exercise after breast augmentation, including the potential complications of doing too much too soon.

Dangers of Exercising After Plastic Surgery

Some movement is good for healing. However, too much physical or strenuous activity poses negative consequences. The tissue in your breast requires ample time to heal, even if it appears your incisions have closed.

Activities that put too much pressure on your upper body can compromise your results and may increase the risk of implant displacement or malposition. Working out too soon after surgery may also cause post-surgical bleeding, which could necessitate additional surgery.

Exercises to Avoid After Breast Augmentation

Some of the activities you should avoid throughout the healing process include:

  • Lifting more than 10 pounds

  • Bench pressing or upper body weight lifting

  • Doing push-ups and pull-ups

  • Pulling or pushing of heavy objects

  • Playing tennis, golf, or any sport that requires carrying heavy equipment or swinging your arms excessively

  • Using arm attachments on elliptical trainers and other exercise equipment

Everyone recovers at a different pace, but reviewing the guidelines below can help set your expectations and protect your investment.

Exercising 1-7 Days After Breast Augmentation

Ensure to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Your body is burning calories just by healing, so give yourself the downtime you need. Gentle walking, even on day one, is beneficial, as a bit of movement improves your blood circulation for faster healing. Moreover, it can help prevent blood clots.

In summary, during the first week of recovery:

  • Spend most of your time resting

  • Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated

  • Slow-paced walking is advisable

7-21 Days After Breast Enhancement Surgery

As the anesthesia’s effects subside and your swelling begins to go down, you may start extending the length of your walks or reintroduce yourself to some forms of lower-body exercises. Light, lower-body stretching is safe, but avoid all upper-body workouts. During this time, do not attempt high-impact activities, especially those that can cause bouncing in your chest.

In short, during the second week of recovery:

  • Longer, normal-paced walking is okay, perhaps with some guidance from a friend or family member

  • Low-impact, lower-body cardio is safe

  • Avoid upper body stretching and strength training

  • No high-impact activities, including running, jumping jacks, and others

3-4 Weeks After Breast Augmentation in Phoenix, AZ

After two weeks or so, you might feel comfortable enough to return to the gym. During this stage of recovery, you can break a sweat when performing lower-body cardio. You can also begin the gentle transition from leg and thigh stretches to lower-body strength exercises. In addition, you can ease yourself into doing some core exercises, as long as you avoid straining or adding excessive pressure to your chest. High-impact exercises and upper-body workouts are still inadvisable.

To reiterate:

  • Cardio and strength training for the lower body is okay

  • If your incisions have closed, you can break a sweat

  • You can carefully complete core strengthening exercises, except for planks

  • Continue avoiding upper-body stretching or strength training

  • No high-impact activities

4-6 Weeks After Getting Breast Implants

About a month after surgery, you may begin doing some upper-body stretches and strength training. However, limit your upper-body range of motion and avoid physically demanding, heavy weight lifting until you are at least three months into recovery.

As you slowly reintroduce yourself to high-impact cardio, including jogging and running, ensure to keep your breasts well-supported. During one of your post-op appointments with Dr. Aldo Guerra, he will examine your results and inform you when you can switch from a post-surgery garment to a sports bra.

To review, avoid breast implant displacement or malposition a month after surgery by pacing yourself when:

  • Building your lower body cardio intensity

  • Introducing jogging and other impact-exercises

  • Introducing upper body strengthening

  • Limiting your range of motion and avoiding heavy weight lifting

What About Sex After Breast Augmentation?

Sex, as we all know, can be a good form of exercise. If you are curious about when you can jump back into bed with your significant other, in truth, it is best to wait for a minimum of two weeks before having sex again. Pay attention to your incisions, as they are susceptible to bleeding and infection if not cared for properly. Waiting to resume physical intimacy until your incisions heal can reduce these risks.

After two weeks, approach sexual activities slowly and carefully. Also, for around six weeks, avoid manipulation of the breasts or movements that may disrupt the placement of your implants.

Returning to Full Fitness

With Dr. Guerra’s approval, you could be running at your usual pace within six weeks after breast augmentation surgery. It would be best to keep weight lifting light for as long as you have your implants.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, everyone’s body heals differently. Thus, remember to listen to your body before exercising after breast augmentation.

Seek Professional Guidance, If Needed

There are many professional trainers and physical therapists adept in recovery routines for breast augmentation patients. Still, keep in mind that Dr. Guerra must approve your program beforehand. Many patients enjoy having a professional help them develop a safe post-surgery workout routine, while others do well on their own. Whichever route you choose, make sure to discuss everything with Dr. Guerra to prevent unwanted complications.

Good Things Take Time

The bottom line is that you need to be patient with your body as you recover from breast augmentation surgery. As you most likely know from your fitness-oriented lifestyle, results do not appear overnight. Waiting until your body heals completely and being patient with your return to pre-surgery physical activities will safeguard your results and overall investment.

Feel a Surge of Confidence and Higher Self-Esteem

Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aldo Guerra today if you want to take your toned, well-contoured physique to the next level. You can call 480-970-2580 or complete this online form to schedule your breast augmentation consultation in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ.


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