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Presentation on the Clinical and Business Side of Integrating embrace® Active Scar Defense

Presentation on the Clinical and Business Side of Integrating embrace® Active Scar Defense

clinical business embrace presentation aldo guerra genaro guerra

Congratulations to Dr. Aldo Guerra and Business Manager Genaro Guerra for an excellent presentation "Successfully Integrating embrace® Active Scar Defense into Private Practice" in San Diego, California on April 30, 2017. Dr. Aldo is one of the busiest surgeons in the Southwestern United States specializing in breast augmentation, tummy tucks, breast lifts, mommy makeovers, arm lifts, body lifts, liposuction and more. Having a high volume practice in cosmetic surgery in Scottsdale has been allowed Guerra Plastic Surgery Center to be the #1 Provider of embrace® Active Scar Defense in the Country. This intimate and unique presentation on both the clinical and business side of integrating embrace® into private practice has been a popular and a must see event for any plastic surgeon that wants to continue to enhance their already beautiful results. By offering the best scar therapy treatment on the market today patients will appreciate the opportunity to add embrace® to their procedure.

embrace active scar defense boxes

embrace® Active Scar Defense product line.

aldo guerra presenting clinical embrace presentation san diego

Dr. Aldo Guerra presenting the clinical data for embrace® Active Scar Defense in San Diego, CA.

Clinical data is very important for any physician looking at new technology to add to their practice. Neodyne Biosciences, Inc. a silicon valley startup company has completed a Stanford based clinical study that highlighted the importance of tension relief when it applies to incisions and scarring. Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale has a lot of experience with trying to minimize the incision so that patients can get a great result. Even with our already amazing results embrace® Active Scar Defense has helped our patients achieve the best results possible by treating the incisions with embrace®. In our opinion embrace® Active Scar Defense is the #1 scar therapy treatment available today for our patients.

before after tummy tuck incision treated with embrace

Before and after close up of embrace® Active Scar Defense on our patient's very low tummy tuck incision, results shown at 8 months.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aldo Guerra practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona has adopted embrace® Active Scar Defense in his practice and offers scar therapy as an option for most cases. Patients are thrilled to find out that Dr. Aldo Guerra’s amazing results can be enhanced by adding embrace® to treat their tummy tuck incisions, breast augmentation incisions,  breast lift incisions, arm lift incisions and body lift incisions. At the embrace® presentation in San Diego Dr. Aldo highlighted and reviewed the clinical data and showed a lot of before and after photos of his actual patients that have had their incisions treated with embrace®.

dr aldo guerra embrace presentation clinical business san diego april 2017

Dr. Aldo Guerra presenting a clinical presentation on embrace® Active Scar Defense.

This unique presentation also featured business manager Genaro Guerra at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center with over 14 years of experience in administration and marketing. He presented some keys to successfully integrating embrace® Active Scar Defense into private practice. Highlights include:

  • Strong Clinical Data
  • Getting the Physician on Board
  • Getting the Staff on Board
  • Creating Enhanced Marketing Materials
  • Support from Neodyne Biosciences, Inc.
  • Creating Successful Strategies

Having both clinical and business data presented all at one time is a great way to best figure out how to best integrate new products like embrace® into a busy private practice. Genaro offered advice, insight and important highlights on best practice techniques to make a seamless transition to be able to offer embrace® Active Scar Defense to patients. At Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale 91% of our patients add embrace before their surgery to their procedure. Presenting embrace® as an option to patients before their surgery is a big key to allowing them the opportunity to add the best scar therapy to their procedure.

genaro guerra embrace presentation business san diego

Guerra Plastic Surgery Center Business Manager Genaro Guerra presenting the keys to integrating embrace® into private practice in San Diego, CA.

Scar therapy is a topic that many of our patients are interested in to help them achieve the best surgical outcomes. This is 2017 and with the Stanford studies, the new technology in the embrace® dressings to reduce tension and now patients have more options than ever to treat their tummy tuck incisions, breast augmentation incisions and breast lift incisions. Give us a call at 480-970-2580 or fill out a request online to schedule your personal consultation to learn more about adding embrace® Active Scar Defense to your procedure.

neodyne team and guerra plastic surgery center


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