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Breast Augmentation Seminar in Glendale, AZ Westgate Review

Breast Augmentation Seminar in Glendale, AZ Westgate Review

  • Dr. Aldo Guerra hosted the popular Breast Augmentation Seminar in Glendale, AZ - Westgate on January 27, 2018.
  • Arizona residents were able to ask questions and learn about the breast augmentation procedure.
  • The latest breast implants, scar therapy and non-surgical services were on display.

Guerra Plastic Surgery Center hosted the popular Breast Augmentation Seminar in Glendale, AZ - Westgate area on Saturday, January 27, 2018. The event took place at the Hampton Inn at Westgate next to The University of Phoenix Stadium. Patients on the westside of town were very happy that Dr. Aldo Guerra was able to come to them and educate the community about the latest advancements in breast augmentation surgery and breast implants.

Safety First in Plastic Surgery

Our plastic surgery practice is known for safety and the ability for all of our team members to educate patients about the popular cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, arm lift, body lift and liposuction. It all starts from the top so Dr. Aldo not only educates patients but makes sure that our surgery team can continue the education since they sometimes spend more time with the patients than the doctor. We are proud that every team member has been trained to answer patient questions for these top procedures.

Benefits of Learning About Breast Augmentation in a Group Setting

Dr. Aldo uses the latest surgical techniques to help patients achieve the best long term results. At these events he is able to discuss and educate the patients about the different options and techniques available. A lot of the information we share at the seminar is also found at our 1 on 1 personal consultation with him. If you were not able to make it to this seminar do not worry because our office holds monthly seminars so there will be another chance. You can also get the same info when you schedule your personal consultation. One of the nice things about these seminars is that you interact with the doctor in a group environment. This allows for everyone in the room to learn from all the questions that people ask about. Do not worry if you are shy! I’m sure someone in the audience will ask a question that you might also be thinking.

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

It was great to have one of our actual patients Nina join us for the event. Patients were pleasantly surprised to learn that we had an actual patient that went through the whole breast augmentation process with Dr. Aldo. She was very kind to agree to appear in front of the whole group and share her experience. Nina found us through a friend that had surgery with us previously and once she called our office she knew we were a great place to have a breast augmentation in Arizona. She is a bikini competitor and wanted a more natural look so she chose the teardrop breast implants. Nina also discussed adding the #1 Scar Therapy embrace® Active Scar Defense to treat her breast augmentation incisions. She looks great and she has definitely been referring her friends and family to Guerra Plastic Surgery Center.

Breast Implant Options in Arizona

Our team was on hand to support the Breast Augmentation Seminar by displaying all of the available breast implants that we offer. There is a wide range of breast implants since it’s 2018 and we have some of the most advanced devices available. These include the following breast implants:

  • Silicone Round MemoryGel
  • Silicone Round MemoryGel Xtra
  • Silicone Round Textured Siltex MemoryGel
  • Silicone Teardrop Textured MemoryShape
  • Saline Round

Each breast implant has different properties and benefits. Each patient must decide which breast implant is best for them. At all of our personal consultations with Dr. Aldo he helps to guide and educate patients to help them find the right implant and size for them. If you are interested in getting breast implants in the near future or would like some help to find the right size for you please call 480-970-2580 or contact us online.

Best Scar Treatment for Breast Augmentation

Patients are always asking us what is the best scar cream or best scar gel for breast augmentation incisions. We have helped thousands of patients with incisions and what we found might surprise you. The best scar therapy in our practice is actually not a cream or gel but an advanced silicone sheet that reduces tension to the incision. In our opinion, embrace® Active Scar Defense is the best scar treatment for breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, arm lift and body lift procedures. Anywhere that you might have an incision this embrace® works great! If you are interested in learning more about embrace® for breast augmentation incisions check out our website.

Non-Surgical Services

Did you know that Guerra Plastic Surgery Center also offers a wide range of non-surgical services and products? Our aesthetician and patient coordinator Alex was on hand to educate patients about all the non-surgical services that we offer. If you are interested in dysport, botox, restylane, juvederm or the many different dermal fillers then you found the right place. We also offer the popular miraDry underarm treatment to reduce underarm sweat. Check out our non-surgical section on our website or call 480-970-2580 today to schedule your treatment.

Contacting Guerra Plastic Surgery Center

It was a fun and educational seminar in Glendale, AZ so if you could not make it do not worry, we are busy planning future seminars. Please check out our website for more info on our next event. If you are interested in a breast augmentation or one of our other popular cosmetic surgeries then please call one of our patient coordinators today at 480-970-2580 or schedule your request online.


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