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7 Common Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation

7 Common Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation

actual breast augmentation patient
Scottsdale breast augmentation actual patient.

Much has been said about breast augmentation. While many of those who have taken the plunge are already enjoying its benefits, some continue to have reservations about the procedure because of the various misconceptions about it. Here are some of the most common fallacies about breast augmentation:

1.    It lets you have any cup size you want.

Due to how advanced breast augmentation has become and how many kinds of breast implants are available in the market, you have access to a wide array of possible outcomes. It is, however, difficult to determine what cup size you will end up with after the procedure. You cannot just walk into your surgeon’s clinic and tell them you want “A Cup double F, please. Pronto.” There are two reasons for this.

First, there are no definite standards on how big a certain cup size is. This usually varies among different brassiere manufacturers. This is why some women may find that one brand’s cup D does not fit as snugly as the same size in another brand.

Second, your doctor will have to take various factors into account. These include the diameter, width, and position of your breast, as well as the weight of the implant that will be used. Big implants cannot be placed into narrow breasts as they will end up looking highly unnatural. Also, heavy implants will cause your breasts to sag over time. 

before after breast augmentation
Breast augmentation before and after.

2.    A single surgeon produces identical results. 

So you see how your friend, after going through breast surgery, now has the pair of breasts you’ve always dreamed you had. After asking where she got it, you go to her surgeon expecting them to give you the exact same outcome. You could be in for a big surprise.

You see, no two human bodies are truly alike. They may have the same parts and components, but features like muscle length, fat volume, and the amount of breast tissue can differ completely and affect the result you gain after the surgery. As such, it is important to discuss with your surgeon the look you want to achieve, the procedure that needs to be done, and the kind of implant you want to be used. Your doctor should be able to discuss each of these with you and how they will affect the results at the end of the day.

3.    All implants result in huge breasts. 

Many women fear that the procedure will give them unnaturally large bosoms. While some implants do result in significant increases in bust size, some of the ones used frequently are quite small. This is in line with how many women want natural, proportionate features. Most women who go through the procedure want only to enhance their features, not alter them dramatically. So yes, small implants are available in the market, and you can use them for yourself if you so choose. 

round and shaped breast implants
We offer both round MemoryGel® breast implants and teardrop MemoryShape® breast implants.

4.    Breast implants create fake-looking breasts. 

There was a time when this was true. Implants were visible under the skin, breasts looked too rigid, or in the case of early saline solutions, they made a sloshing sound when women moved. Yet with the variety of implants and approaches available today, it has become possible to select breast implants that your suit your body’s unique characteristics perfectly.

There are several factors that can affect the final appearance of your breasts. First is the placement of the implant. An implant placed under the muscle usually looks more natural because the tissues smooth out over its edges, making it invisible and maintaining the innate curve of the breasts.

Another factor is the shape of the breast implant. Teardrop-shaped implants imitate the natural shape and slop of the breasts. Rounded implants are used for fuller breasts, creating an effect similar to when you are wearing a pair of push-up bras.

Finally, the period after the surgery determines how settled the implant is. It usually takes around six weeks for the implant to settle into the appropriate position. Before then, swelling can take place. It will take a few more weeks before your breasts begin looking like their soft, natural self.

5.    Augmentation is dangerous for babies. 

This is one of the most common misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation. While it is true that surgery may affect nipple sensation, there are a number of steps that your surgeon can take to address the problem.

First, your surgeon can perform an inframammary incision or one that is done in the fold under the breast, or an axillary incision or a cut in the armpit, instead of a periareolar incision or one around the nipple. They may also place the implant under the fold instead of under the breast. Finally, they may advise that you use a smaller implant to minimize the disruption of the nerves that enable nipple sensation.

6.    Implants can cause autoimmune diseases. 

While some women have claimed to have developed autoimmune diseases after going through breast augmentation, majority breezed through the procedures without any complications. These few cases have been reported in the media and received much attention from the public. It is worth pointing out that all implants and solutions available today are certified safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, these products have also gone through stringent testing procedures to ensure that they are indeed safe to use. 

7.    Any surgeon can perform breast augmentation. 

You may think that the procedure can be performed by any cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, this idea can result in a lot of unwanted outcomes, including a ruined body and a crushed self-esteem.

Breast augmentation can only be done by board certified plastic surgeons who went through rigorous training and a strict certification process. These are your assurances that your doctor understands the risks and how they can be avoided by providing you with the results you want.

Breast augmentation does not just benefit your body; it can also affect your confidence and how you perceive yourself. It is therefore important that you understand the truth about it before you decide to go through with it. It is also crucial that your procedure be performed by licensed professionals who can take care of you and really help you enhance your looks without putting you in harm’s way.

When you’re ready to consider a breast augmentation procedure, Dr Aldo Guerra will discuss with you the look and size that you desire. Dr Aldo makes a conscious effort to establish the most beautiful breast shape possible - call (480) 970-2580 today or schedule a personal breast augmentation consultation online.


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