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550cc Breast Augmentation with Mentor® MemoryShape® Breast Implants by Dr. Aldo Guerra

Patients that are interested in larger breast implants in the range of 500cc or 550cc should consider Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implants. Some reasons to consider MemoryShape® breast implants include the natural-looking teardrop shape, advanced gummy bear cohesive silicone gel and this implant has the lowest reported complication rate of any implant on the market today.

Dr. Aldo Guerra is a top Scottsdale plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation surgery. He has performed the most breast augmentation cases with Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implants in the Western United States. Dr. Aldo has received World-Class training in Sweden on the MemoryShape® breast implants and with his advanced techniques he has developed an expertise in handling and performing beautiful breast augmentation surgery with these implants.

Patients are thrilled with the breast augmentation results since MemoryShape® breast implants allow for a natural looking breast with an augmented look. Watch our patient Sammie discuss her experience undergoing breast augmentation surgery with 550cc TM+ Mentor® MemoryShape breast implants.


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