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3 Breast Implant Options Available at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Aldo Guerra, one of the top plastic surgeons in Arizona, offers 3 types of breast implants at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center. We only use FDA Approved Made in the USA breast implants from Mentor®, a Johnson and Johnson company.

Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implant Lineup

Silicone Round MemoryGel® Breast Implants

Let’s start by looking at the Silicone Round Mentor® MemoryGel® Breast Implants. In 2006, the FDA approved Mentor® MemoryGel® Breast Implants. This gave patients a great option because the MemoryGel® breast implant is the softest and feels a lot more natural to the touch than the saline breast implant. There are 2 types of outer shells smooth or textured. This implant comes in 4 different profiles starting with the moderate classic, moderate plus, high and ultra high profile. In terms of size the volume ranges from 100cc to 800cc. Today, after over 10 years in the market about 70% of our patients choose the MemoryGel® breast implant.

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Options for Mentor MemoryShape Breast Implants

Silicone Teardrop MemoryShape® Breast Implants

The newest state-of-the-art breast implant we offer is the Silicone Teardrop Mentor® MemoryShape® Breast Implants. In 2013, the FDA approved Mentor MemoryShape® Breast Implants. Again, this gave patients another great option because the MemoryShape® breast implant has even more highly cohesive gel that allows the implant to maintain its teardrop shape form. It only comes with a textured shell that allows the implant to stay in place when it’s placed in it’s tight pocket in surgery. This allows the MemoryShape® breast implant to stay in place and try not to veer to the side over time. This implant comes in 5 different profiles starting with the MM, MM+, MH, LM and TM+ Profiles. In terms of size the volume ranges from 125cc to 775cc. Dr. Aldo has received world class training on these implants from Sweden which has been available in Europe for over 10 years. He has brought back this world class training to perform the most MemoryShape® breast implant cases in the Western United States these past few years. Over a 10 year clinical study the Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implant had the lowest reported complication rate like ruptures, capsular contracture and late stage seromas compared to other breast implants on the market. In our practice, about 30% of our patients choose MemoryShape® breast implants for their breast augmentation AZ surgery.

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Photo of Mentor Saline Breast Implants

Saline Round Breast Implants

In 2000, the FDA approved Mentor® Saline Breast Implants. Over the years this implant was the workhorse implants available because it was filled with sterile saline water. If the breast implant were to leak the body would just absorb the water and you would see that the implant was deflated. Saline breast implants feel firmer than the silicone breast implants and have a higher rate of rippling. There are 2 types of outer shells smooth or textured. This implant comes in 3 different profiles starting with the moderate, moderate plus and high profile. In terms of size the volume ranges from 125cc to 960cc. Today only less than 1% of our patients choose Saline Breast Implants.

Learn more about Mentor® Saline Breast Implants.

If you are interested in breast implants in the near future and would like to find out more about your options call us today at 480-970-2580 or schedule a personal consultation today!

Dr. Aldo Guerra is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a patient-first philosophy in Scottsdale, Arizona. His down-to-earth personality allows you to quickly become comfortable with the doctor. Upon your first meeting, he will take you through each step of the process and will stay until all your questions are answered. Dr. Aldo uses the latest techniques to achieve the beauty and results you desire. He specializes in breast augmentations, tummy tucks, breast lifts, body lifts, arm lifts and mommy makeovers.


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