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10 Tips For Faster Breast Augmentation Recovery

10 Tips For Faster Breast Augmentation Recovery

breast augmentation recovery
Breast augmentation recovery actual patient.

Women go through breast augmentation for a number of reasons. It can be the much-needed step to becoming a new and better you. It is also performed for a host of medically-inclined and personal reasons. Yet just like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation requires a period of recovery wherein you wait for your body to heal. Your recovery will not be a pleasant experience through and through, but there are steps you can do to alleviate your discomfort and speed up the healing process. Here are some of them:

1.    Follow your doctor’s instructions. Take time to listen to your doctor’s advice regarding the recovery period. They will provide you with special instructions on how to care for yourself and your recovering body to ensure that your wounds don’t reopen or that complications do not occur. This step cannot be emphasized more greatly.

2.    Get lots of rest. Give yourself enough time to sleep and avoid any strenuous activities. This means you cannot perform very tiring endeavors, such as going to the gym or carrying your heavy groceries inside. Adequate sleep lets your body repair broken tissue and regulates your body processes, so it is an effective way to hasten your healing process. While you sleep, make sure to lay on your back to avoid moving and damaging your breasts.

3.    Take time off from work. Your job may pay the bills, but it can also be your number one source of stress. Stress can have a number of really bad effects on the body, especially on one who is healing from an injury or recovering from a surgery. Even when your job doesn’t require you to move around, you can still get harmed so it’s best to stay at home. Besides, having to leave your house means being exposed to a number of factors that can make you sick. Take time off from work for a few days, preferably a week.

4.    Address nausea. You may experience bouts of nausea as you recover and this can make the experience less bearable. In the past, it was forbidden to drink medication against nausea. Today, thanks to the many implant options available, it may be possible for you to address the nausea by drinking the right medicine. To ensure that you are using a drug that won’t negatively affect your progress, ask your doctor for recommendations.

5.    Massage your breasts. You should do this only if your doctor says you can. A massage will help alleviate the pain and even help your implant to settle down faster. You may also perform specific exercises that can help with feelings of tenderness. However, they can carry risks, too. Again, do this only if your doctor allows it.

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6.    Pick a caregiver. You will not be able to do many of the things you usually do every day. You will have to focus on letting your body heal. You probably won’t be able to do your groceries or cook dinner. If you have kids, you won’t be able to chase after them or take them to school. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to take care of yourself properly. To help you recover, it’d be best for you to hire a trustworthy caregiver who will help you live normally, at least for as long as you can’t function as you usually do. Some care providers offer temporary services. Hiring them before you proceed with the surgery would be best.

7.    Do not look at your scars. There are times when you might feel too conscious about the scars that the surgery left. No matter what, you must fight the compulsion to check your scars, especially if the surgical incisions were made in areas that are hard to reach, such as under your breasts. Your body is still recovering so your wounds have not healed fully. Moving them too much may cause them to reopen, potentially causing damage to your surgeon’s work and your breast’s appearance, as well as creating even more scars.

embrace breast augmentation scars
embrace® Active Scar Defense the best treatment for breast augmentation incisions.

8.    Use embrace® Active Scar Defense. If you are too conscious about the appearance of scars on your breast, you can use the #1 scar therapy treatment at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center. You should only use embrace® with your doctor’s permission. These products may help the skin on your breasts heal properly and in so doing, minimize scarring, but some of them may result to irritation. Again, check with your doctor.

9.    Wear sensitivity pads. After surgery, your nipples may feel erect and very sensitive. After some time, this can be a source of much discomfort, even from just them being in contact with your clothes. Ask your doctor about the possibility of wearing nursing pads to prevent your nipples from becoming too sensitive.

post op breast augmentation recovery
Dr. Aldo Guerra in a breast augmentation recovery post op appointment.

10.    Attend post-op check-ups. These exams are important as they allow your doctor to determine how well the operation went and if you require additional care. Your surgeon will also be able to address any problem or complication that may arise. Your post-op exams may take some of your time, but they are crucial in ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

To help you recover faster, there is one other tip you must follow: be patient. You might feel impatient about a lot of things, and this is normal, but falling prey to impulsiveness can do you more harm than good. You may feel that your breasts don’t look like how you expected them to look or that they are not healing as fast as you were told. Don’t worry and instead, learn to wait for your body to settle down and heal.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the U.S. In fact, there are instances when the process is routine enough that doctors allow patients to return to work in a few days. Under normal circumstances, it can be enough to warrant a few weeks or months of rest. In such cases, it’s best to follow your doctor’s advice not just so you get the results you want, but also to ensure that you do not put your body under any unnecessary risk.

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