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Differences of Breast Implants: An Overview

The success of a breast augmentation surgery relies primarily on two things: the skill of your board certified plastic surgeon, and the breast implant you have chosen. We will tackle the importance of choosing the right plastic surgeon for a different time, but today, we wanted to talk to you about the different kinds of breast implants, and what they can do to help you achieve the body of your dreams.
dr aldo guerra breast augmentation seminar photo
Dr. Aldo Guerra at a previous Breast Augmentation Seminar in Scottsdale discussing the breast implant options.
Tapping an expert
We are going to tap the expertise of the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Aldo Guerra. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 15 years of industry experience. He specializes in procedures that enhance his patients’ physical appearances and boosts their overall wellbeing. His most popular procedures are breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, arm lift, body contouring, and the popular mommy makeover surgery. In fact, he averages over 400 breast implant cases per year. 
An expert in breast augmentation, Dr. Aldo utilizes four kinds of breast implants in his Scottsdale center. They are: Silicone Teardrop MemoryShape®, Silicone Round MemoryGel®, Silicone Round MemoryGel® Xtra, and saline breast implants. All three kinds of implants have silicone outer shells, are FDA-approved, and are manufactured in the USA. Dr. Aldo uses Mentor® breast implants, which are among the safest and most researched breast implants.
Choosing the right breast implants
There are several similarities among the different implants. Aside from having the same outer shells and maker, all four breast implants come in various profiles, sizes, and shell types. The two shapes are either teardrop or round; the profile refers to how much the implant projects out, meaning a patient can choose whether the implants should be moderate, moderate plus, high or ultra-high. Sizes range from 120cc for those who prefer a natural enhancement to their chest size, to up to 800cc for those who want a drastic change. Lastly, while the outer shells are all silicone, they do differ in the type, such as smooth or textured. 
These things being said, here are some things you should know per implant: 
Silicone MemoryShape® - This kind of implant comes in a teardrop shape. Also known as a “gummy bear” implant, MemoryShape® have the lowest reported incidence of complications in the past decade. It also offers the most natural looking results. It has a textured surface and is filled with cohesive silicone gel. Lastly, it is available in five kinds of profiles. 
Silicone MemoryGel® - This kind of implant comes in a round shape. It is very soft, while at the same time, perkier than the natural breast tissue. This is the primary choice of women who want fuller and rounder breasts. It is available in both smooth and textured surfaces, and is filled with cohesive silicone gel. It is available in four kinds of profiles.
memorygel xtra breast implant
The new MemoryGel® Xtra breast implant.
Silicone MemoryGel® Xtra - This is the newest breast implant comes in a round shape but has more projection and gives patients more fullness. It is also very soft, while at the same time, looks more perk than the natural breast tissue. This is the newest choice for women who want the most projection and fullness. It is currently only available in smooth but textured surfaces are coming soon. It is available in two kinds of profiles. 
Saline – Lastly, saline breast implants are sought after by patients who want firmer breasts without the silicone gel filling. It differs from silicone implants in the sense that it can be filled at a flexible fill volume. It is available in two profiles, and available in both smooth and textured surfaces. 
breast implant consultation with dr aldo guerra
Schedule a breast implants consultation with Dr. Aldo Guerra and he can help find the right size for you!
Are you ready for big changes? 
Having breast implants should always be a personal choice. If you are fully decided on enhancing the size of your breasts, then call us today at (480) 970-2580 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aldo Guerra. He can help find the right breast implant size for you!


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